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Looking for a plant that can purify the air, thrives on neglect and looks timeless?

If you are notorious for forgetting about your plants, then we have you covered -The Hoya Carnosa. This stunning plant only requires watering every 1-2 weeks. Housed in its solid glass pot that accentuates the unique markings on the thick deep green leaves.

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Blur the line between the indoors and outdoors

At Jacob & Roy, we take pride in searching far and wide for beautiful and striking plants that will thrive indoors. Paired perfectly with a unique pot that will transform any space, these plants are bound to make a lasting impression on that special someone.

Our plants are selected for their elegance and appeal. Each plant is carefully hand-packaged and styled to the highest of quality.

Founder Esra has done the guesswork for you – searching far and wide for beautiful and striking plants that will thrive indoors or in filtered light.

We have sourced and styled to perfection. Now it's your turn to simply click and let us deliver.

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Our Vision

Essential to our vision is the convenience of Jacob & Roy. We style and source chic pots for elegant plants to create a product that is timeless and suitable for a variety of spaces and tastes. Our passion for interior design, home renovation and business helped transform what was just a concept into a sustainable way for Melbournians to style their homes and give gifts of life.