What to Do When Your Decorative Planter Doesn’t Have a Drainage Hole

We have all been there. Fallen in love with a decorative planter to realise after purchasing that it does not have a drainage hole. All is not lost; there are techniques you can adopt instead of drilling a hole in the bottom.

When it comes to plants, as long as they have sufficient light, water and drainage; they will live a long and nourished life. Follow expert advice to help your plant live to its fullest potential. Continue reading to learn about what to do when your decorative planter doesn’t have a drainage hole.

Here are Some Techniques To Try

Much like people, plants have preferences and thrive in different conditions. Some prefer direct sunlight; others flourish in indirect sunlight. Some thrive in humid, moist conditions and others need watering only sparsely. The same applies to drainage; certain plants will need drier soil in order to excel and others will need wetter soil. 

Create a filtration layer

A simple workaround for when your planter doesn’t have a drainage hole is to create a filtration layer underneath the plant. There are many ways in which this can be created but a common technique is to add pebbles to the bottom of the planter. As your plant will be sitting above the base, excess moisture is able to gather underneath the soil and roots, allowing it to breathe.

Use the ‘staging’ technique

Arguably one of the easiest solutions is to simply place a pot with drainage holes inside your new decorative planter. This means that your plant does not live in your planter, it lives in a nursery pot (that it likely came in) instead. Most homeowners adopt this as a short-term solution, and it is important to remember that this is a harder technique if you have bought a plant and pot as one.

Get the Best of Both Worlds

When shopping for decorative planters, why not choose Jacob & Roy? We offer luxury packages comprising beautiful plants, chic pots and great accessories. When purchasing one of our packages, your plant is carefully placed in a stunning planter and has quality soil, charcoal and river stones for drainage. There is no need to tackle drainage issues when you have Jacob & Roy by your side.

Our filtration system is exactly what your plant needs to thrive. We have a vast knowledge and understanding of the unique needs of each plant and ensure that they are delivered in optimum condition. Providing in-depth instructions on how to take care of your plant thereafter, we have you covered from day one.

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