Propagating Techniques

In inexpensive and easy way to expand your house plant collection is to propagate from a plant you already have. Propagating simply means to breed from an existing plant; producing a second that is genetically identical to the first. What sounds like a challenging task is relatively simple in reality and you don’t have to be an expert in gardening to carry it out.

Continue reading to learn propagating techniques including cutting and layering. These two types are the most straightforward and most popular techniques.

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Let’s Begin with Cutting

This simply means to cut a part of the plant such as the root, stem or leaf and replant it to regenerate the entire plant. Make sure you cut on an angle to maximise the root area and plant in a small pot. Covering with a plastic bag is advantageous as this creates a greenhouse effect, keeping in moisture. Once roots have started to grow, simply replant and continue your care.

Moving Onto Layering

Layering is a propagating technique that does not involve cutting the existing plant. Simply bury part of the stem into the soil and new roots will start to form. The new plant sources food and water from the existing plant as it is still attached. Once the new plant has formed you can cut the connecting stem and replant as you like.

Choose the Perfect Plant to Propagate

When propagating a plant, you want to ensure that you are able to maintain the second plant also. Only too often we fall in love with a plant then find out we do not have the knowledge, time or skills to adequately care for it. Here at Jacob & Roy, we offer a fantastic range of plants that require minimum maintenance but will give you a beautiful display all year round. 

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