The Benefits of Crystals and Plants

It is undeniable that house plants have a positive influence on mental health as well as sprucing up any living space. As a result, increasing numbers of Australians are joining the trend and purchasing plants to place around their home. To enhance your experience even more, try adding crystals to your home and plants.

That’s right, crystals and plants have been used for hundreds of years and are still popular today. Coming in many colours, they can instantly improve the appearance of your living space as well as providing other benefits.

Continue reading to discover why you need to experience the benefits of crystals and plants.

Channelling Positive Energies to You

Each crystal is said to harbour a different type of energy and is used for a unique purpose. The key to channelling the energy from the crystal is by choosing the correct one for your needs. As an example:

  • Clear Quartz helps you to clear your mind, focus and align with your highest self
  • Pyrite protects the environment by freeing it from negative energy
  • Amethyst is known for releasing stress and tension, working towards inner peace

These are just a few examples of how various crystals can enhance your life. But the attraction doesn’t stop there. Crystals are also popular because of the benefits that they can bring to your plants. 

Let’s Discuss Those Benefits

If crystals can help to heal human beings, imagine what they can do for your plants! Try the Tree Agate crystal for fuller plants, Onyx to keep pests at bay and Green Calcite to improve the strength of plants - to name a few. Why not have the best of both worlds by choosing crystals that have benefits for both you and your plant?

Where to Buy Beautiful Crystals and Luxury Plants?

The best place for a wide selection of both plants and crystals is right here at Jacob & Roy. Purchase a beautiful plant for yourself or a loved one then choose the perfect crystals to add to your order. Offering a wide selection, you are sure to find both to suit your needs. With the option to add a personalised message alongside your order, our stunning plants, chic pots and healing crystals are the perfect gifts. A beautiful addition to the home with healing properties; what more could you ask for?

Our care starts when you are browsing our range and continues beyond your purchase. We provide in-depth instructions on how to make your plant thrive, so you can benefit from a long-lasting relationship with our help. Understanding which plant and crystals best suit your lifestyle before purchasing is key.

Are You Ready for Positive Energy?

Choose individual crystals to improve the energy of your home or buy a package, comprising several crystals that complement each other for best results. Whatever your needs, Jacob & Roy are here to help. Browse our collections or get in touch to speak with our friendly team today.