Using Plants to Style Your Home and Office

Choosing plants to style your home and office is not only a great way to add greenery to your space but their therapeutic qualities can help to improve your mood and mental health. If you’d like to make your home or office Instagram worthy with a curated display of plants, read on for some styling tips. 

Consider Your Colour Palette

Plants come in all shapes and sizes and all colours too, not just green. You can choose plants with coloured leaves, stems or flowers to match or complement your colour scheme. For example, brightly coloured species such as the Pink Polka Dot plants work beautifully. Or simply go for a lush, green look with large leaved varieties. Your choice of containers and pots can also reflect your chosen colour scheme. 

Minimalism or Maximalism? 

For a minimalist look, a single plant or single variety of plant will allow the greenery to stand out from the neutral background, and something striking, such as Monstera, will work well in a minimalist space. If you want the plants to take centre stage, create an urban jungle with a variety of plants. Mix trailing plants with varieties with interesting leaf shapes. However, if you do use a lot of plants, you must make sure that you have enough time to care for them – unhealthy and neglected plants never look good. 

Hanging Plants

If you don’t have a lot of counter or floor space, you can still incorporate plants by displaying them in hanging containers or baskets. There are so many different types to choose from, including plants that love to trail downwards such as ivy. 

Think about the Containers

Do you prefer to display your plants in an eclectic mix of containers or use pots of the same colour? If you want to use all white pots, for example, you can add interest by mixing textures and patterns. Plant stands are a popular trend and will enable you to adjust the height of your plant display.

Features and Focal Points

If you only have room or time to care for one plant, why not go large? Get a large, feature plant that stands on the floor. Rubber figs, Monstera deliciosa and the Fiddle Leaf Ficus all make fantastic feature plants for both homes and offices. 

Create a Plant Shelfie

If you don’t have a lot of surfaces or floor space, why not create a plant ‘shelfie’ using a shelf, mantle, bookshelf, window ledge? Simply use a variety of plants in interesting pots and containers and move them around as the mood takes you. 

Combine Plants and Art

Create a stylish and eye-catching display combining plants and art together. Placing paintings, drawings, photographs, sculptures and keepsakes amongst your plant display will show your personality and tastes. 

We’ll Help You to Display Your Plants to Perfection

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