How Can I Get Rid of Plant Flies and Fungus Gnats?

A houseplant can bring a great amount of joy to the home, from a beautiful appearance to mental health benefits so it is unsurprising that they have residence in many Australian homes. The majority of the time, house plants will thrive given the right care, but on occasion distresses arise such as plant flies and fungus gnats.

If you are struggling with these and wondering ‘how can I get rid of plant flies and fungus gnats’ then you are not alone. Continue reading to learn more.

A Quick, Easy and Stress-Free Removal

Let’s start with the good news. The life cycle of these pests is short; just a few days in fact, so all you have to do is interrupt their cycle and time will take care of the rest. But how do you interrupt the cycle?

One of the most common treatments is to smother the top of the soil with a layer that is harder to penetrate. Plant flies and fungus gnats lay their eggs in the top layer of soil; if these are unable to climb out from the soil, they will die underneath, and your problem will be solved.

Another easy method is to lure the flies away from the plant by enticing them with something more appealing. This could be in the form of a sticky trap such as a brightly coloured card that is covered in petroleum jelly or a drowning trap such as a fruity solution covered in cling wrap with mini holes poked in the top.

If the infestation appears to be too bad to manage, re-potting and sanitizing can be the best treatment. Simply remove your plant from its pot, getting rid of as much of the soil as possible and then spend some time cleaning and sanitizing the pot before replanting. Combining this with another treatment method is a very effective way to get rid of those flies.

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Steps to Take in Order to Prevent Future Infestations

Once you have eradicated your plant from flies and fungus gnats it is important to ensure that they don’t return. To help your plant thrive, follow our care tips here at Jacob & Roy. With detailed instructions on how to care for your plant accessible both online and with your delivery, you are always in the know. 

Plant flies and fungus gnats thrive in moist conditions, so it is important to only give your plant the amount of water that it needs to survive. Using a filtration system can help because it prevents water from accumulating in the soil. Make sure that you are aware of the needs of your plant to prevent over-watering.

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