Squish Planter

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The Squish Pot is hand made and glazed. Each pot is unique, quirky with a splash of green colour!

Pot size 10cm H x 13cm W.


As seen pictured, your plant will arrive carefully presented in our signature black cylindrical box with black and gold ribbon. Includes complimentary message card and care instructions.

We use peat moss, premium soil with charcoal and river stones for drainage. 

Plants are subject to change and prices may vary depending on maturity of each plant. 

Order before 1pm COB for same day delivery within 20km of Melbourne CBD, 2-4 days within Melbourne surrounds and Interstate  (Delivery may vary on Mother's Day and other special occasions- see delivery page for details).

If you have a particular plant and pot request please contact us via email on hello@jacobandroy.com


Order before 1pm COB for same day delivery within a 20km of Melbourne CBD, 2-4 days within Melbourne surrounds and interstate. No weekend delivery (Delivery may vary on Mothers Day and other special occasions). For more information please see our Shipping and Delivery page

Sweetheart Vine:
The Sweetheart Vine, also known as the Philodendron bipinnatifidum, is a tropical plant from the Caribbean. It enjoys humid and moist environments especially in the summer, water well but don’t let soil become soggy. In the winter allow top 3cm of soil to dry out between watering. The sweetheart vine likes bright filtered sunlight and will grow vigorously in the right conditions.

The Dragon Tail:
The Dragon Tail, also known as the Epipremnum Pinnatum, grows well in bright, indirect sunlight but will also tolerate low light conditions. Dragon Tails are drought tolerant and don't require a lot of water. Allow the top layer of soil to dry between watering.

The Birds Foot Cactus:
The Birds Foot Cactus is a member of the Rhipsalis genus of cacti that are known their spineless stems and preference for lower light compared to other cacti. They like part shade to more direct sunlight. They are native to the tropical rainforest floor so do like moist soil, but ensure their roots don’t flood. They produce a beautiful white or creamy yellow flower.