Large Byron Planter (Melbourne CBD Only)

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This pot reminds us of the warm, fresh coastal living in Byron Bay. This beautiful textured, sturdy pot comes with various indoor plant options. 

Your Plant Gift Inclusions:

  • Boho Luxe Byron Planter - 14cm H x 14cm W
  • Signature J&R Black Gift Box With Upgraded Gold Ribbon
  • Plant Care Upgrade: Peat moss, premium soil with charcoal and river stones
  • Premium J&R Gift Card
  • Plant Care Instructions

Plants are subject to change and prices may vary depending on maturity of each plant. 

Plant Options

The following plants are available with the Byron Planter and have been picked for their easy care and stunning aesthetic when placed into this incredible pot.

  • Sweetheart Vine - perfect for sending a little love
  • Raindrop Peperomia - a beautiful compact plant for small spaces
  • Mini Monstera - a striking plant with split leaves that grows into the space it's given (Melbourne CBD delivery only)
  • Parlour Palm - brightens up any home with a touch of the exotic
  • Polka Dot Begonia - a completely unique plant with exquisite polka-dotted leaves.
  • Dragon Tail – a lush deep green leafy vine that crawls outwards or upwards providing a show-stopping feature in any home

Same Day Delivery

Order before 1pm COB for same-day delivery within 20km of Melbourne CBD, 2-4 days within Melbourne surrounds and Interstate  (Delivery may vary on Mother's Day and other special occasions- see delivery page for details).

Special Requests

If you have a particular plant and pot request please contact us via email on


Order before 1pm COB for same day delivery within a 20km of Melbourne CBD, 2-4 days within Melbourne surrounds and interstate. No weekend delivery (Delivery may vary on Mothers Day and other special occasions). For more information please see our Shipping and Delivery page

The Parlour Palm:
Native to the rainforest of Southern Mexico and Guatemala, the Parlour Palm (Chamaedorea Elegans) is the most sought-after indoor palm around today. Water your Parlour Palm sparingly – underwatering is better than over watering. Allow the soil to dry out between watering and even less in winter.

The Rhipsalis Micrantha:
The stunning Rhipsalis Micrantha comes from the cactus family so it's perfect for a new plant parent, very easy to care for and best of all it will even produce you flowers with a little love and care. Requires low watering and indirect sunlight.

The Ivy Plant:
The Ivy vine makes a beautiful indoor houseplant, it can grow long and luxuriously with the right care. Place your Ivy plant in a bright yet filtered light location. Ivies prefer to be kept slightly on the dryer side so ensure soil is dry below the surface between watering. Ivy grows fairly vigorously in the spring, summer and autumn months. The plant is dormant in the winter months, so avoid fertilising during the colder periods of the year. To avoid dust accumulation and pests, periodically place your ivy plant in the shower and allow water to wash over the leaves for a few minutes. Stand to dry before placing back in pot saucer.