Sofie Pot Planter

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A beautiful glazed multi toned pot paired with the lush green range from J&R.

Pot size 14cm H x 14cm W.

As seen pictured, your plant will arrive carefully presented in our signature black cylindrical box with black and gold ribbon. Includes complimentary message card and care instructions.

We use peat moss, premium soil with charcoal and river stones for drainage. 

Plants are subject to change and prices may vary depending on maturity of each plant. 

Order before 1pm COB for same day delivery within 20km of Melbourne CBD, 2-4 days within Melbourne surrounds and Interstate  (Delivery may vary on Mother's Day and other special occasions- see delivery page for details).

If you have a particular plant and pot request please contact us via email on

Order before 1pm COB for same day delivery within a 20km of Melbourne CBD, 2-4 days within Melbourne surrounds and interstate. No weekend delivery (Delivery may vary on Mothers Day and other special occasions). For more information please see our Shipping and Delivery page

The Mini Mon:
The Mini Mon is a Monstera originating from the tropical rainforest of Thailand and Malaysia. It’s scientific name is Rhaphidophora tetrasperma and grows to a height of about 1.5m. The mini mon thrives in moist well draining soil and in bright but indirect sunlight. In spring and summer the mini mon appreciates regular fertilising with a diluted and balanced fertiliser. Water lightly if soil is dry before fertilising to avoid burning it’s roots.

Swiss Cheese Vine:
The Swiss Cheese Vine, otherwise referred to as the Monstera Adansonii plant is a humidity loving sculptural houseplant. It loves consistently moist soil but do not soak the roots or let the soil become heavy and soggy. A regular spray around the leaves is very welcome for this Monstera. Like most smaller growing tropical plants, the swiss cheese vine grows best in dappled sunlight, a position near a window with filtered sun will have this baby very content.

The Black Velvet:
The Black Velvet plant, otherwise known as the Alocasia Reginula, is native to the island of Borneo. The large almost black leaves contrast against the silver veins which makes these plants an exotic feature in your space. The black velvet loves well draining soil which is allowed to dry between watering. This plant is prone to root rot, so not too much moisture is ideal. While it tolerates low light, it thrives best in bright but indirect sunlight.

The Hoya Carnosa:
The Hoya Carnosa sometimes called the wax plant, is a very popular indoor house plant and has been for decades. While their waxy leaves do resemble a succulent, they do not appreciate direst sunlight. Pick a spot that’s bright but not directly in the sun. Water when the potting soil becomes almost completely dry. Water in the morning. Pour the water evenly over the soil. Spray leaves in the dryer months of the year.