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Mini Monstera with Glazed Beige Pot - Indoor Plant & Gifts Delivery Australia

Glazed beige pot with a Mini Monstera

Regular price $119.95

Mini Monstera (Rhaphidophora Tetrasperma)

This very popular Monstera prefers indirect sunlight, drainage, low watering but do not leave dry for too long. It's commonly called the Mini Monstera or Philodendron due to the fact that the leaves on the plant close resembles the leaves on a Monstera deliciosa or a Philodendon species. Fertilise in spring and autumn to keep your plant happy. The unassuming iconic leaves will pop against its beautiful beige glazed home.

As seen in the picture, your plant will arrive packaged in a black cylindrical box with black and gold ribbon.

Pot size 15cm H x 13cm W.

We use peat moss and premium soil. This pot comes with a drainage hole and plug. Plants are subject to change and prices may vary depending on maturity of each plant.

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